Producer and narrator, Diane Bodnar Rusk is a former television journalist, entrepreneur,
professional speaker and mother of two.

There are many helpful maternity products on the market and Labor of Love is just one of them. 
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Diane's Story
I personally used these relaxation techniques for my two children, Landon & Colin. Since it worked so well for me, I wanted to share this with other moms to be.
With the help of my doctor, I researched, recorded and gave birth to Labor of Love!

Track 1 is a 15 min, audio that will relax and prepare you for childbirth.  
Track 2 {BONUS} is a baby lullaby music beautifully composed by Jim Roebuck.

I know there is a connection between what your baby experiences in the womb and in the outside world. 
As you listen to this audio, it will become a calming and familiar experience for you and your baby.
Labor of Love is a relaxing audio with a drug-free approach to labor that is a must for every expectant mom!

Labor of Love MP3 - Only $9.95 USD

Immediate download includes:

    15 minute relaxation audio
    15 minute Bonus Baby Lullaby track
    E-Guide 7 Tips for a smooth labor